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Study Suggests Chemicals did not Contaminate Water

September 27, 2013

Study Suggests Chemicals did not Contaminate Water


In Pittsburgh, a federal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) study that was recently completed suggests that there is no viable evidence to support the claim that fracking contaminated the drinking water aquifers at a western Pennsylvania drilling site.

In Depth Research Project Provides Valuable Information

After monitoring the site in question for one whole year, researchers reported that the drilling fluids containing toxic elements remained far below the water table, several thousand feet lower in fact. The study is on-going, and controversial of course, as opponents of fracking are less than convinced at the merit of this study.
Fracking is fraught with controversy and polarized positions. Environmentalists stand firm on the grounds that it is dangerous and potentially disastrous for our planet’s water sources. Oil and gas companies rely on fracking to reach deep down into untapped oil and gas reserves, and remain steadfastly certain that the economic benefits of fracking far outweigh the dangers.
One valid point made is that the researchers conducting the site may have done the study with much higher standards than that maintained at your average drilling site. This fact points to the need for increased well site monitoring and enforcing of higher standards for drilling sites. Fracking is a hugely popular method for reaching otherwise unreachable gas reserves deep within the earth, so it is imperative that a set of standards is set high and followed.

Fracking Side Effects

The effects of fracking could vary greatly, depending on the location of the drill site. Different types of rock and other factors could create very different reactions and potentially adverse effects. When fracking in more fragile rock formation, the fractures could potential reach much further than anticipated, and if not properly monitored and measured, reach into water tables. That being said, it is largely avoidable when due care and proper time is taken to assess the drill site’s progress.

Solution Based Outlook

Rather than creating controversy for the sake of controversy, approaching the entire topic with a can-do attitude that is focused on finding and making realistic and effective solutions will greatly benefit everybody, especially the local people who find these fracking sites in their backyards. That must remain the priority. Safety for families and communities is of far greater value than creating economic prosperity at any cost.
Well drilling procedures can be established that would greatly minimize any potential dangers associated with fracking. Well drilling equipment and well drilling fluids can also be engineered with safety and environmental sensitivity in mind. Using and re-using water supplies in the fracking procedures will also cut down the negative effects that this method can potentially have.


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