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A leading supplier of Drill Muds, Polymers, PVC Pipe, and Ground Sampling Supplies, Plastech Plus Inc. is fully committed to helping your company tackle the toughest jobs in the field.

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Equipment Rentals & Sales
D.O. Meter
D.O. Meter

The 550A DO features a waterproof, IP-67 rated, impact-resistant case and innovative field-replaceable DO electrode modules. Measure dissolved oxygen and temperature simultaneously using YSI's proven polarographic technology for oxygen and precision TM thermistors. The 550A has an bright backlit display, automatic push-button calibration, weighted, quick-sinking probe, built-in calibration chamber, low-battery indicator, as well as automatic temperature, salinity, and manual altitude compensation.


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Other features include easy-to-replace screw-on cap membranes, over 2000 hours battery life, calibrate in either mg/L or % saturation, user-selectable temperature units (°C or °F), 12, 25, 50 or 100 foot cable lengths, and a three-year warranty on the instrument and one-year on the field-replaceable DO module. Each meter is supplied with 6 AA alkaline batteries and a replacement membrane kit.

Fresh, sea or polluted water
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor:
Steady-State Polarographic
Dissolved Oxygen Probe:
Field-replaceable module
0-500 % air saturated
0-50 mg/L
0-200%: +2% air sat. or +2% of reading, whichever is greater.
200-500%: +6% of reading
0-20 mg/l: +0.3 mg/L or +2% of reading, whichever is greater.
20-50 mg/l: +6 of reading
0.1% air saturation
0.01mg/L or 0.1 mg/l selectable
0.1°C temperature
Temperature Units:
Celsius or Fahrenheit, user selectable
Temperature Specifications:
Accuracy: +0.3°C
Range:-5°to +45° C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Altitude Compensation:
Salinity Compensation:
Temperature Compensation:
4 alkaline C-cells
4.7 in. width; 9 in. length (11.9 cm x 22.9 cm)
Weight with Batteries:
2 lb. (0.91 kg)
Battery life:
Over 2000 hours at 25°C
12, 25, 50 or 100 foot lengths
Other Features:
Waterproof to IP-67
High impact resistance
Push-button calibration
Built-in calibration chamber
Large, backlit display
Low battery indicator on display
CE compliance
3-year for the instrument
1-year for the DO module


Waterra Hs-2
Waterra Hs-2

HS-2 closed reel
The HS-2 line of Oil/Water Interface Sensors use tough, plastic reels to protect the stainless steel tape from damage and dirt while the tape is stored on the reel. They are made from black polyethylene and their lightweight and slim profile make them very portable.

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The polyethylene coated 3/8" stainless steel flat tape is available in both metric and imperial graduations. (Metric tapes are graduated to the nearest millimetre; imperial tapes are graduated to the nearest 1/100 of a foot.) The tape is manufactured with a probe connector at one end and a circuit board connector at the other. This allows the tape or the probe to be quickly and easily replaced should either become damaged.

The sensor's probe is 5/8" diameter and is constructed from 316 stainless steel. The probe is snapped into the side of the reel in a probe holder when not in use. This probe contains the ultrasonic transducer that is used to detect the presence of hydrocarbons and the conductivity sensor that detects water.

The HS-2 Closed Reel is only available with either a 30 meter or a 100 foot tape.




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Water Level meter
Water Level meter
  • Measure product thickness layers of 1/400 ft or ½ mm (sheen). Measure LNAPLs (floating) and DNAPLs (sinking) product.
  • Adjustable water sensitivity for extremely quick detection of water through very viscous oils. Get a reading in SECONDS versus 2-3 minutes!
  • Accurate Kynar tapes with spring steel core maintains accuracy of .008%- less then .001 inches stretch with a 35 lbs load
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  • Damage proof optics- works regardless of severe damage or scratches. No need for expensive probe replacements or spares.
  • UNIQUE probe tip protects water sensing pins and optical sensor when shroud is removed
  • Exclusive 7/16" Interface Probe- the ONLY cost effective way to monitor Direct Push wells (unit pays for itself on the very first well!)
  • Protect your investment with our light-weight aluminum "Rugged Reel". No more broken plastic reels!
  • Field-tested Viton strain relief with 3-stage 2000 PSI pressure proof internally sealed probe- no weak link to leak or fail or cause the probe to hang at an angle which can give false positives for product
  • Ergonomic frame with excellent ground clearance for winding or use the "third hand" casing hanger to hang unit on the well casing while you take readings
  • All tapes comply with or exceed the US GGG-T-106E or EEC CLASS ll standards.
  • All tapes have numerical markings every foot, and 10th of a foot with bar graduations every 100th of a foot. (Available with metric scale in meters, cm and mm).
  • Units available from 50 feet up to 2000 feet or metric equivalent.
  • Four times more accurate than flat white TV cable type tapes that use twisted or spiral conductors which allow ½ inch of stretch/100 ft from the cables own weight.
  • Kynar covering is about 4-5 times harder( Rockwell Hardness) than softer polyethylene white tapes which are far more easily cut and damaged and require frequent repairs. White tapes will become softer when exposed to gasoline and other solvents.


Interface meter
Interface meter

The oil/water interface meter is used to accurately measure the thickness of floating product (LNAPL) above the water table. It will also detect and measure sinking layers of DNAPL. This interface meter with its slim probe 5/8in (13mm), is ideal for wells, piezometers and direct push equipment as narrow as 3/4in (19mm) ID. The probe and tape will withstand hydrocarbons, solvents and other contaminants. This unit is used by professionals involved with the monitoring and remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil products. The oil/water interface meter is suitable for wells, boreholes, underground and above ground storage tanks.


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  • Able to measure product layer 1/200th ft (1 mm) thick
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe to CSA/NRTL, Class 1.GR A. B.C. D.
  • Accurate (complies with US GGG-T-106E standards)
  • Kynar® jacketed, high tensile steel tape with stretch proof
    stainless steel conductors
  • The standard tapes are marked in feet and 100th/ft or
    meters and mm
  • Standard tape lengths are 50ft, 100ft, 150ft and 200ft to
    1000ft in steps of 100ft (15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, thereafter
     in 50m increments). Intermediate lengths are to special order
  • Ultra-slim 5/8" (15mm) diameter stainless steel field
    replaceable probe*
  • Unique flexible link between the tape and the probe provides protection at this vulnerable point
  • Probe sleeve, removable to allow the probe to be used in
    Narrow Wells
  • Durable U.V. and high impact resistant engineered plastic
    reel with all stainless steel fittings
  • Sturdy polyester coated steel frame with a comfortable vinyl grip and "third hand" built in casing hanger that allows you to hang the unit on the well while you record results
  • Water and dust proof epoxy encapsulated electronics on an easily removable front electronics panel
  • One easy to change 9 V battery located on the faceplate
    electronic panel
  • Complete with a tough nylon carrying bag and a comprehensive cleaning kit
  • 10 year limited warranty



The rugged PID 2000 is the smallest pumped handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor on the market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID) extended range of 0-10,000 ppm makes it an ideal instrument for applications from environmental site surveying to HazMat/Homeland Security.

The PID 2000 detector can be made wireless with the use of PIDLink2. This allows real-time monitoring information from the detector to be integrated into an existing AreaPID system. A wireless, RF (radio frequency) modem allows detectors equipped with Firmware version 1.20 or higher to communicate and transmit readings and other information on a real-time basis with a remotely located AreaRPID base controller up to two miles away.


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Key Features

 Proven PID technology: The patented 3D sensor provides 3 second response up to 10,000 ppm and sets a new standard for resistance to moisture and dirt.
 Self-Cleaning Lamp and Sensor: Our patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration.
 The PID 2000 lamp and sensor come apart in seconds for easy maintenance without any tools!
 Measure more chemicals than with any other PID: With over 100 Correction Factors built into the PID 2000’s memory and the largest printed list of Correction Factors in the world (300+).
 3-year 10.6 eV Lamp Warranty. Lifetime Instrument Warranty.
 Drop-in Battery: When work schedules require putting in more hours than the 10 hours supplied by the standard NiMH battery, the drop-in alkaline pack supplied with every MiniRAE 2000 lets you finish the job.
 User friendly screens make it easy to use for simple applications and flexible enough for sophisticated options.
 Rugged Rubber Boot: The standard rubber boot helps assure that the MiniRAE 2000 survives the bumps and knocks of tough field use.
 Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 100 feet (30m) horizontally or vertically.
 Tough flexible inlet probe
 Large keys are operable even with 3 layers of gloves
 Easy-to-read display with backlight
 Stores up to 267 hours of data at one minute intervals for download to a PC (with the optional datalogging)

 Soil and water headspace analysis
 Leaking underground storage tanks
 Perimeter fence line monitoring
 Fugitive emissions (EPA Method 21)
 Vapor recovery breakthrough
 Landfill monitoring
HazMat/Homeland Security
 Initial PPE (personal protective equipment) assessment
 Leak detection
 Perimeter establishment and maintenance
 Spill delineation
Industrial Hygiene, Plant Health & Safety
 Confined space entry
 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
 Worker exposure studies

The QRAE is a dedicated confined space entry monitor with an internal pump. Its durable, rechargeable, standard Lithium-ion batteries provide a 12-hour day of detecting combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. The extended duration Lithium-ion battery option provides up to 18 hours of continuous operation.


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Key Features

 Reliable plug-in “smart” sensors: Combustible, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide
 Robust external casing for harsh environments, including a strong protective rubber boot, water and dust resistance, rugged ABS plastic/metal case, and protection from portable radio interference (RFI)
 Ease of use with one-hand operation; one button calibration with auto zero capability
 Strong built-in sample draw pump, with a flow rate at 150cc/minoptional and collapsible remote sampling probe, prevents liquid flow into monitor and its patented security mechanism warns of sample tube crimping or blockage
 Option of Li-ion, alkaline, and automotive 12V adapter charger
 Field replaceable batteries
 Unit will run and charge simultaneously
 Large keys are operable even with three layers of gloves
 Loud audible alarm
 Bright visual alarm
 Standard 20,000 point (or 100 hours) datalogging storage capacity for download to PC (compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP)

 Confined Space Entry
 Waste water treatment plants
 Marine and off-shore oil wells
 Landfill operations
 Trenches, silos, railcars
 Coal mines
 Cruise ships
 Sewers and manholes
 Refineries and petrochemical plants including off-shore drilling and plant shut downs
 Power plants
 Pulp and paper industry
 Steel mills



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