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The  Geosock product is a continuous seamless filter fabric, knitted specifically for ground water monitoring and remediation.

Geosock filter fabric is used to prevent sediment and small fines from clogging the well point. It allows water to pass through the pipe at a high rate while minimizing silica sand or fine particle invasion which can cause well failure. It is used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Available formats : ½’’ to 12’’

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The unequaled durability of Geosock filter fabric make it highly resistant to strong and weak acids and alkalines, organic chemicals and salt solutions. Not only is it much stronger than spun-bonded, non-woven or random-fiber, it is also resistant to scuffing and the usual rough handling that goes along with the installation procedure.

For many years Geosock filter fabric has been specified and successfully used by environmental professionals. Initially used only when well failures occurred, its use is now as a standard practice. Geosock filter fabric installs quickly and easily over the slotted well-screen without the need for any special equipment, glue or ultrasonic sealing. It’s as easy as pulling on your socks.

The best part is in the cost. With no extra installation equipment costs, plus a filter that won’t rip or fail and cause an expensive well replacement Geosock filter fabric is the obvious choice.

Geosock filter fabric is available in two weights: Regular knit 3" to 36’ diameter and plush fabric in 1" to 12" diameter.


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