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A Geothermal Heat Pump for Heating Your Pool

August 16, 2016

A Geothermal Heat Pump for Heating Your Pool

You want to enjoy your pool for as long as possible during the summer season. Have you ever thought to use a geothermal heat pump to heat your pool?

How a geothermal heat pump works

The operation of the geothermal heat pump is simple. The latter takes heat from the ground, subsequently transmit it in the water basin of the pool, the soil stores a significant amount of new energy from precipitation and sunlight.

This way, the ground source heat pump enables your pool to gain a few degrees and its performance is superior to conventional solutions offered. However, be aware that a geothermal heat pump is proving to be a slow heating system. In other words, the temperature of your pool only increases by 1 to 2 degrees daily. In addition, to maintain the water temperature, it is suggested to cover your pool at night.

Benefits of a geothermal heat pump

This system has several advantages. It is including:

  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly (recycling of renewable energy)

Criteria to consider when buying a geothermal heat pump

Several elements such as the volume of water from a basin and pools (in ground or above ground) should be considered when it comes time to purchase a geothermal heat pump. Do not worry, ask a professional for advice. For your needs in geothermal supplies, contact Plastech Plus. We are committed to address the most complex challenges in the field.

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