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All About Geothermal Drilling

June 13, 2021

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Geothermal drilling is a great alternative to gas, oil, and electric heating. Being a renewable energy source, this type of heating can create an economic substitution for a greener tomorrow. Geothermal drilling helps retrieve the natural temperature from below our surface and uses pipes to pump it back up to be used as a sustainable heat source.

Two Types of Systems

Open Loop

Known as one of the more efficient geothermal systems, the Open Loop method used groundwater to act as a refrigerant to move energy. As groundwater is naturally insulated, groundwater can be taken from nearby sources such as wells, lakes, and ponds.

Closed Loop

Using pipes buried in the ground, the Closed Loop method uses antifreeze and water instead of groundwater. This system can be versatile, as the pipes can be laid both horizontally and vertically in the ground depending on the space provided. This is a great alternative when a groundwater source is not accessible or close enough.

What are the Benefits?

While the Open Loop system is more efficient and budget-friendly, sometimes it is not an option depending on location. When a groundwater source is nowhere close to where you need it to be, a Closed Loop system is the way to go. While not as cost-effective as the prior system, it is still a great alternative to electric or gas heating.

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