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An Essential: Decontamination Products

February 13, 2021

Plastech Plus, Decontamination Products

Decontamination is considered as the removal of pollution or contamination in a place, object, or living being. In objects or living organisms, it is most often done with chemicals that bind the cause of the contamination, followed by rinsing with water or some other solvent. Decontamination of soil is most often done mechanically, by removing the contaminated layer and disposing of it in a protected area.

Decontamination Methods

There are various decontamination methods and strategies that can be used to solve this problem. In most cases, the method chosen depends on the nature of the contamination. Decontamination is done to remove harmful chemicals, infectious organisms, or radioactive particles that may have remained.

Mechanical Decontamination

Mechanical decontamination can be used on any material where contamination is limited to a specific surface. It works best on large surfaces that are easily accessible and undisturbed by other objects.

Physical Decontamination

Physical decontamination is the removal of contaminants from the surface by physical means and techniques, such as rinsing, wiping, brushing, vacuuming, sanding, jetting, chiseling, shaving, peeling, or scaling. Means for physical decontamination can be divided into surface cleaners and surface layer removers for best results.

Chemical Decontamination

Chemical decontaminants convert toxic agents into harmless products that can be handled safely. While physical decontamination removes the contamination from the area, chemical decontamination makes it safe to remove. Chemical agents can be used to disinfect property and persons exposed to biological contaminants.

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