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An Essential: HDPE Pipes for the Mining Industry

January 13, 2021

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HDPE (High-density polyethylene) piping systems are the best choice for mineral and waste transfer. The unique mechanical properties, safety and reliability of polyethylene increase the use of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene pipe systems in the mining industry.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use HDPE pipes in the mine industry.


Fireproof and antistatic, suitable for flammable and explosive underground places. Good anti-aging and anti-cracking performance, high strength, impact resistance, better mechanical characteristics. The pipe wall has high smoothness and low fluid resistance, which can increase the transport capacity by 30%. It can withstand hard chemical conditions.

Leakage rates are zero compared to 10%, 20% for PVC and Ductile Iron. The time of preparation of the welder for work with polymer pipelines is shorter; no additional costs for polyethylene joint. No insulation, electrodes and with low reconnection cost, ease of disposal and, if necessary, recycling.

Low Cost

Polyethylene pipe installations are cost-effective due to their physical properties, reduced maintenance costs, and endurability. The service life of the pipe is expected to be approximately 50 - 100 years.


The optimal performance of HDPE pipes and fittings has proven that polyethylene piping systems are widely used due to their quality, high fluidity, reliability and durability, and high stability. In mining applications, HDPE is currently the fastest growing pipeline material and is projected to increase by 5% per year.

The polyethylene used in coal mines has a strong resistance to corrosion and non-scaling and is especially suitable for the underground transport of high-quality sulfur water and water containing calcium, magnesium and plasma. The service life is much longer than with steel pipes, and the overall economic benefit is great.

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