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Cut The Electricity

February 08, 2017

cut the electricity

As winter comes to its coldest, your electric bill sky rockets through the roof and you search endlessly for ways to cut down on the costs. Among the usual unplugging of unused electronics and turning down the heat, Plastech Plus inc. provides many products that would assist in more long-term plans that will be more cost efficient in the long run.

            One of the easiest ways to cut down on that bill would be washing your laundry with cold water and air drying those clothes. Using cold water minimizes the use of your hot water tank and air-drying cuts out the energy used from your dryer completely. If anything, invest in energy-efficient appliances for the pieces of clothing you think are necessary to use a machine for. Remember hand washing is also an option, though it takes more time and energy from you, it doesn't use energy that you're paying for.

            By calculating the wattage of each device, you can easily test which electronic uses how much energy. This helps you put into view on what needs to be used and what you can live without, what uses a rational amount of energy and what uses an obscene amount. Things that use an enormous amount of energy in your home that can easily be substituted by energy free or energy reduced objects would include dehumidifiers, air conditioning and heating systems.

            Insulation is the most common and most known way to stay warm, and the same goes for your house. Invest in isolation in the walls and in the attic to ensure that the heat stay inside the house and doesn't find a way out through the cracks. Insulating your attic is always the best way to go because as heat rises, it's easy for it to find a way out through the top of the house. Insulation minimizes this risk. Pairing it with a wood fire place, the heat is sure to stay in and warm the whole place.

            As long as you remember to unplug unnecessary electronics, turn the lights off when they aren't needed and invest in insulation and energy-efficient appliances, that bill should start costing less and less each month. Good luck and stick with it!

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