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December 14, 2016


Before you head over to Plastech Plus to grab everything you need to start all your do it yourself PVC Pipe projects, make sure to look up the best ones to do first, unless you plan on doing them all. There are millions upon millions of different PVC Pipe DIY projects out there, making your options almost limitless.

The Big Ones

From furniture to jungle gyms, these projects could be so cost efficient that you could take all that extra money and put it towards a family vacation. By placing a few pipes in the form of a chair and securing a strong type of fabric over top, makes the perfect easy and comfortable chair for you or your guests; perfect for around campfires. While you're all outside, might as well build that jungle gym the kids have been asking for since the beginning of time. With the right amount of industrial super glue, you can build steps and jumps, climbing walls, monkey bars and all sorts of things to keep the kiddies content for the rest of their childhood.

The Medium Ones           

Some jobs that could be considered moderately challenging would include play pens for your little ones or your very own photography backdrop holder so you can get those perfect pictures to send out to the family. By making a large square out of pipes, you can easily tie any sheet of your choosing to turn into the perfect background for any photograph. If you take piping and make a cube like box, you can take netting and tie it around the outsides to create the perfect play pen. Once you've got the play pen you can even go a step further and turn it into your child's dream ball pit.

The Small Ones

This area ranges from craft organizers all the way to laptop stands. The easiest thing about working with PVC piping is that you can try things out many different ways before you ultimately glue them together. Like Legos for adults, you can test out your favorite placement preferences before permanently setting them. Add some pipes together to create different cubbies for all your craft needs. But this isn't only for crafts, it also works with tools, toys and even clothes. 

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