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Drilling Tunnels

August 12, 2021

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Tunnels have been commonly used and developed by all major civilizations dating back to ancient times. Although, machine mining wasn’t introduced until shortly after the 1950s. With new uses for tunnels being introduced every day, this well-known industry has been booming.

Tunnels can be used for several different reasons, including mining, transportation passages (subways, metros, trains, etc.), water canals and sewage systems. Underground institutions are becoming more and more popular nowadays to conserve space. The most common include hydroelectric power plants, underground parking, mining processing plants, pumping stations, water treatment plants, water and oil storage and military command centers.

Basic Tunneling Procedures

While tunnelling can vary depending on the type of ground being cut into, there are a few basic procedures used throughout the industry.


To get a detailed plan of what to expect and the possible risks that could occur, geological investigation is an important and necessary first step. Factors to consider would include initial defects, size of rocks, weak zones due to weather or thermal action, groundwater, heat, gas and earthquake risks.

Excavations and mineral handling

Excavations could vary depending on the type of rock blocking an entrance. This can be done by drilling, explosives, blasting and ventilating. A mucker is commonly used to remove the broken rock using a conveyer belt and transportation system.

Ground support

One of the most important steps of any mining or tunneling project is the amount of support needed to secure the ground safely. This can vary in the time it takes to set up the ground support due to the different type of soil worked with. This is referred to as stand-up time.

Environmental control

To provide a healthy working environment, environmental control is essential in almost every type of tunneling development. Ensuring there is good ventilation to provide fresh air and remove any toxic gases or exhausts is one of the key factors for worker safety.

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