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Drive-Point Piezometers: The Best Way To Get High Quality Samples

August 11, 2014

Drive-Point Piezometers The Best Way To Get High Quality Samples

In most instances, ground water offers a steady supply of water that is safe for consumption. However, there are occasions in which water appears to be pure and crystal clear, but harbours minerals and other substances that could prove to be harmful. To determine whether or not your water supply is safe, it is imperative that you obtain samples that are of the highest quality. Using top quality well drilling supplies, such as a drive zone piezometer, is the best way to ensure the best samples.

Drive Point Piezometers

 Piezometers are simply shallow pipes that are used to monitor the characteristics of ground water. A drive point piezometer can be driven into the ground using any type of drilling technology or direct push. They can be used in numerous situations to obtain the best samples. They are suitable for long or short term monitoring applications since most be easily removed and used again. You also have the option of leaving them in as a permanent installation.

Options Available With the Drive Point Piezometers

Drive point piezometers can be found in several configurations, as well as a couple of different lengths. In addition, they can be bought with a compression fitting or barb for an easy and precise attachment to LDPE sample tubing or connecting teflon. They can also be purchased without any connection for sample tubing, which frees up additional space for samples. Overall, they offer an inexpensive way to monitor ground water under appropriate conditions.

The Importance of Regular Ground Water Testing

 Monitoring the ground water supplies data on both its quality and quantity and is a vital part of ground water management. As a general rule, sampling, as well as analysis, should be conducted on a routine basis in any area where ground water is being extracted. Depending on the reason why the water is being monitored, different parameters can be tested.

Why do You Need a High Quality Ground Water Sample?

 You need to obtain the best possible water sample and the drive point piezometer is designed to facilitate this. It should go without saying the higher quality the sample is, the better your results will be. After obtaining your sample, it is important to clearly mark your sample for easy identification at the lab. If a label is not clearly marked and you have a difficult time deciding which sample comes from where, ground water sample results will not be reliable. Non reliable results can result in dire consequences if the situation is handled incorrectly.

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