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Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Both Your Energy and Money

December 19, 2019

Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Both Your Energy and Money

If you are looking to make some eco-friendly adjustments in your life, then you are on the right page! Today we have prepared some of the finest tips for you that will help you save both energy and your money. The tips that we have prepared are easy to apply and both you and the environment will benefit from them, so let’s start!

Set Your Thermostat to an Eco-Friendly Setting

Make sure that your home thermostat is set at 25-Celsius degrees (78 Fahrenheit degrees) during the summer season. You can even set it higher for the period when you are on the road and away from home, by doing this you will prevent the fan or AC (Air Conditioner) from powering on and save some energy on it. If you love having everything under your control, then you should definitely get the programmable thermostat that will help you monitor your energy consumption. 

Use natural means to help with lowering/increasing the temperature of your home.

During the summer period, you should open your home windows in the early morning to get some fresh air circulating throughout your rooms before the temperature rises higher. This method might not be possible in all areas around the world, but it is still considered as a nice eco-friendly change that you can apply to save both energy and the money.

Unplug Your Electronic Devices When They Are Not in Usage

You should tend to avoid leaving the electronic devices and chargers plugged in when you are not using them. No matter if you are using a certain device or not; while it is being plugged in, it drains the power on a high or low level, depending on if it’s turned on or off. Once you start following this really easy method, you will save quite a bit of money and energy. This state of energy drain is being called vampire energy and if you manage to keep it under control the change in energy consumption can be more significant than you can imagine it, which will lead to nice amount of money-saving on the annual level. 

Regulate the Heat Level of Your Water 

Throughout the summer period, the water inside your house gets warmer faster than during the winter. So, one of the best ways to save the energy here would be to set the temperature on your water heater on the normal level so that you don’t get too hot water. By applying this to your life routine, you will save a decent amount of energy whenever you are doing dishes, for example.

Replace Regular Light Bulbs with Their Eco-Friendly Alternatives

By replacing the regular light bulbs with the ones that are eco-friendlier, you will save a lot of energy. The best alternative to go for would be either fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights. Both of them are energy-efficient, provide the longer durability and they emit less heating and put the higher focus on lighting your rooms. If you decide to switch to this eco-friendly way, not only that you will save a lot of energy, but also you will buy fewer bulbs which will result in the reduced money overflow on the annual level. 


NOTE: More than 70% of the energy that we spend on the regular bulbs goes off to the heating instead of lighting our room. 


Search for and seal any air leaks inside your home

If you have any air leaking inside of your home, then it means you are definitely losing your money unnecessarily (Throughout the winter on the extra heating and throughout the summer on extra cooling of your rooms). With this step, you should take some time, do it slowly and try to identify all the air leaks once you locate them make sure to patch them up correctly. You won’t spend a lot of money on patching up the air leaks, but we guarantee that you will save a lot of money and energy on the annual level.  


It shouldn’t be hard for you to follow our steps above that will eventually bring you both money and energy saving. If you are running your own business, you can apply some of our advice even at your office.

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