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EGS—the future of geothermal energy

October 26, 2012

EGS—the future of geothermal energy

With the Worlds ever growing thirst for energy amid the knowledge that our fossil fuels are a dwindling supply, there have been a number of energy solutions that have blossomed oh, so briefly in recent years. But the problem persists—how do you produce mass power at low cost in the same way that oil, gas coal and even water has been in recent years.

Solar and wind power both came on the scene amid considerable fan fare but have not come anywhere near to providing an answer to our energy woes. And nuclear power’s efficiency is outweighed by the fear factor.

Among the known remaining sources of power, that leaves geothermal in the best position—a position that has steadily been growing stronger with the continued development of EGS—enhanced geothermal system.

Prior to the advent of EGS, geothermal heating relied mainly upon tapping into existing heated water systems or the construction of a closed loop of water that could be used for heating and cooling.

But now, EGS is raising the bar by injecteting water at great pressure into hot rock below the earth’s surface. The pressure of injection causes the rock to fracture and allows the water to more easily circulate and capture heat. As with the Alberta oil sands, it is hoped that this technology will become much cheaper over time and EGS will reach its full potential in helping the World satisfy its thirst for power.

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