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Energy Efficient Geothermal Systems & Renoclimat

November 13, 2013

Energy Efficient Geothermal Systems & Renoclimat

Geothermal energy has many benefits to offer. Not only is it a green energy, it is sustainable and has been gaining increased popularity and use. Installing a geothermal system requires some planning and pre-assessment of the home and its location. Because outfitting an existing home with geothermal heating system will require an assessment with a geothermal technician, it is advisable to contact one right away to get a clear picture for your project.

Running a geothermal system also offers financial savings that will offset the cost of installing a geothermal loop. Because renovations and upgrades require a cash flow, we are happy to hear of a great program that provides financial aid and tax cuts to homeowners looking to become more energy efficient through home improvement work.
Rénoclimat is the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique (AEE) energy efficiency program whose goal is to assist home owners in achieving the best possible energy efficiency rating. At the time of writing this article, through this program, homeowners in Quebec may be eligible for assistance between $2,115 and $5,365 for a geothermal system. Many other home renovations are eligible under this same program. Eligible dwellings include single-family, semi-detached, multiple unit residential buildings (4 to 20 units), townhouses, duplexes and triplexes. For full eligibility requirements take a look at their website.

Rénoclimat Program’s 5 Easy Steps:

1. The first step is to schedule a consultation with a Rénoclimat energy efficiency advisor. It is important that you do this BEFORE you start any modifications. To set up an evaluation call: 1.866.266.0008.
2. Upon completing your home’s evaluation the advisor will give you a report outlining the recommended energy saving improvements you can make along with your home’s EnerGuide rating.
3. Use these recommendations to choose and plan the best improvements.
4. Take the time you need to complete your improvements (there are no time restrictions as of December 2012) and get a second Rénoclimat energy evaluation In order to qualify for financial assistance through the Rénoclimat program, your renovations will have to improve your EnerGuide rating by a minimum of two points.
5. Financial assistance will be by cheque through the mail from the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife.
If you’re a homeowner who has benefitted from the Rénoclimat program, you may also be eligible for additional and significant home owner grants from the following:
Those are some pretty significant numbers! Be sure to check the individual websites to verify any amounts quoted here; in case they have changed. There really is no better time than now to switch to a geothermal system in your home. But be sure to follow the required steps and only purchase approved and certified geothermal products that will be eligible for these programs and grants…when in doubt check it out!
PVC Plus Drilling offers a full range of well drilling supplies and geothermal systems and supplies. If you’re interested in learning more or are ready to get started on your geothermal project, give us a call!


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