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Finding a custom pipe manufacturer you can trust

January 03, 2012

Finding a custom pipe manufacturer you can trust

There’s one child’s toy that’s always a pleasure to watch young children play with. It’s the one where children have to fit plastic shapes into corresponding holes in a base. There’s a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. It’s entertaining to see children struggle at first as they try to fit a square peg into the round hole. It’s also a pleasure to see the triumph on a child’s face when it matches a peg with the right-shaped hole, and the shape slides easily into place.

Most of the industrial and commercial practices that require well drilling are like that child’s toy—no two holes are ever the same. And that means the products that line those wells or need to be placed within them sometimes need to be custom made, too.

Sometimes standard pipe and fitting sizes just won’t do.

Luckily, for all types of vertical welldrilling and horizontal well drilling applications, you can rely on PVC Plus Drilling Products.

At PVC Plus Drilling Products, we specialize not only in standard sizes, but we also specialize in the manufacture and supply of custom products, too.

We can supply your company with PVC pipe, stainless steel pipe, slotted screen pipe, flush mounts, well caps and much, much, more. We appreciate that when your company is drilling, time literally becomes money. And by having us in your corner, you can keep your down time to a minimum.

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