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Geothermal energy on the rise in Canada

August 30, 2011

Geothermal energy on the rise in Canada

Some of the latest news from the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association:

On September 14 and 15 this year, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association will be holding their fourth annual conference. According to their website, this year’s conference will feature Canadian development, activities by developers internationally, drilling and drilling services, geothermal direct use applications, policy needs, power plant options and an investment forum about the financing of geothermal projects and the potential insurance of exploration risk. The event will also feature two workshops on geothermal energy.

This edition of the event is expected to be particularly upbeat given the recent news coming out of Ottawa and the headquarters of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). According to a recent report conducted by GSC and a team of scientists, electricity generated by geothermal energy could cover 10% of Canada’s current electricity generation. Other highlights of the report include:
• Geothermal energy potential is distributed across Canada
• Canada's in-place geothermal power exceeds one million times Canada's current electrical consumption
• Canada has significant potential for geothermal energy development
• Research on decreasing installation costs could facilitate further exploitation of abundant low-temperature geothermal resources.
• Geothermal installations could displace other more costly and environmentally damaging technologies

Overall, this represents great news for the geothermal energy industry. As well as offering a potential market worth billions of dollars, the industry could help create thousands of new jobs across the country. Canadian developers, technology and service firms are already active globally and represent activities across the World, including United States, South America and Europe.
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