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Going Geothermal why the costs are worth it

May 29, 2012

Going Geothermal why the costs are worth it

Geothermal energy might sound like just another “green” fad, born in the wake of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. But did you know that the first geothermal plant actually opened in Italy in 1911? Clearly, the idea of a heat pump is an oldie and a goodie. If research efforts continue—Google has already invested $11 billion into geothermal drilling research—geothermal energy will be the most viable energy source on the market. There is enough energy in the top 1% of the earth to heat humanity and power our infrastructures for the next 6 billion years!

Geothermal energy is exactly what it sounds like: heat from the earth. But before you read on, note that the first 100 meters below the surface of the earth technically get their heat from the sun. Deeper than 100 meters and geologists are tapping into the 6,000 Celsius core of the earth.

A “ground-source” geothermal heating system relies on geothermal ground loops to bring warm or cool air into the home. These loops, or pipes, contain fluid, which extracts the earth’s heat as it flows through the series of loops all the way to the heat pump inside the home. The geothermal system takes energy from the earth in the winter and transfers it back in the summer—a natural give-and-take cycle that takes advantage of the constant temperature of the earth below your feet.

Upfront, geothermal heating systems are more expensive to install than oil, gas or electrical systems. This is largely because drilling must be added on top of the cost of installment. But in the long-term, it’s worthwhile—for the wealth of your wallet and the health of the planet. You’ll make back the cost premium of your new geothermal unit in as few as 2 to a maximum of 15 years. Savings on maintenance are immense. A staggering 70% of energy used in a geothermal system is renewable. PVC Plus offers all of the geothermal supplies needed to “go geothermal” in style for decades without much fuss.

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