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How to better consume during the cold season

October 13, 2016

How to better consume during the cold season

Are you ready for winter? With the cold season quickly approaching, there are many simple steps you can take towards reducing your energy consumption. Heating represents 54% of Quebec's energy consumption, therefor taking a look at these tips could be very beneficial for you.

Using your heating efficiently

  • Replace your mechanical thermostats with electronic thermostats.

  • Dust off your heat sources and avoid putting furniture in front of them.

  • Do not heat unnecessary places such as unoccupied rooms or your garage.

Locate air leaks

  • Cold air infiltration and hot air leaks account for up to 1/4 of heat loss in a home. If you spot any air leaks make sure to seal your windows and doors right away. By preventing air from getting inside and outside of your home, you improve both your energy consumption and comfort during the cold season.

Replace your light bulbs

  • Using energy efficient light bulbs are especially a good idea when Fall and Winter come along since you illuminate for a longer period of time. Replacing your halogen and incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs increase efficiency by about 85%. LED bulbs also have a life duration that's 25 times longer.

  • Turn off your outdoor lights when you go to bed and also set a timer for your decorations during the holiday season.

These are many different gestures that allow you to improve your energy consumption. Doing things such as reducing the length of your showers and hanging your clothes up to dry can also contribute to improving your energy consumption.

Adopting an eco-responible behaviour will be extremely profitable for you as well as for our environment. It's up to you!

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