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Interesting Facts About Fracking

May 14, 2014

Interesting Facts About Fracking

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing is a process whereby natural gas is obtained from rock formations that are very difficult to gain access to such as coal bed methane, shale gas, and tight gas. The process of fracking involves millions of liters of water and thousands of liters of chemicals, which are injected beneath the earth surface at a very high pressure, with a view to create fractures and weak spots in the underlying rocks formations. As a result, natural gas is forced to flow up the well under such high pressure. In recent years, this procedure has attracted a lot of controversy, with activists being of the opinion that it is a potential hazard to the environment and that other safer methods should be employed. Let’s take a close at the process of fracking- its advantages and the risks involved in order to get a better understanding about what it is about:


Benefits of Fracking


Shale gas is mined through the process of Fracking and it is the cleanest form of fossil fuel, emitting far less amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide than oil or coal. Also, the price of shale gas has reduced significantly, and the economy has benefited immensely from the reduction in energy costs. Thousands of jobs have been created in regions where there are drilling sites, thereby improving the quality of life of people in the area.


Risks Associated with Fracking


Carbon dioxide released during the extraction process contributes to global climate change, and with the adoption of new fracking technologies, more gas is being extracted, leading to more climate change than ever before. There is also the possibility of earthquakes during the injection of brine into the wells. But of the thousands of deep injection wells in the United States, only 8 drilling sites have had problems with mild earth quakes with very minimal damage. Water supplies could get contaminated if proper measures are not put in place to monitor drilled wells. Although a study conducted on 200 private water wells In Pennsylvania, involving areas where fracking was taking place. And it was found that the water quality was the same before and after the gas extraction process. However, the risks involved in fracking has resulted the formulation of industry practices that has alleviated the effect of drilling and fracking on the environment. For instance, 90% of the water used in the process is now being recycled and used to mine more shale gas.

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