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It’s as simple as HDPE

May 02, 2012

It’s as simple as HDPE

With North America’s drinking water and sewage infrastructure falling apart, it’s time to take action. But faced with mammoth bills for total replacement of water systems, municipalities consistently plump for cheap short-term repairs for aging and corroding pipes.

HDPE pipe can cure North America’s water woes. Municipalities, provincial, state and federal governments must realize that biting the bullet today and investing in HDPE technology will result in billions of dollars of longterm savings.

HDPE pipe has many benefits, including:

  • the ability to create heat-fused joints that are are stronger than the pipe and guaranteed leak free
  • heat-fused joints that are self restraining, so restraints or blocks are not required
  • superior cold forming to reduce the need for multiple fittings
  • the strength to withstand repetitive pressure surges
  • it is lighter, cheaper and easier to transport
  • superior long-term costs savings
  • chemical resistance—HDPE pipe does not corrode

A leading supplier of PVC pipe and fittings, PVC Plus Drilling Products manufacturers slotted PVC pipe screen in horizontal and custom patterns, and distributes Teflon, CPVC, Stainless Steel and HDPE slotted pipes and fittings.

PVC Plus Drilling Products exports worldwide wholesaling PVC pipe, PVC fittings, PVC valves and numerous other drilling related products to North American distributors, consulting firms, industrial, commercial and residential customers. PVC Plus also resells products from industry leaders such as Baroid and IPEX and a variety of other industry leading distributors.

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