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Landfills Not for Trash Talking

December 20, 2011

Landfills Not for Trash Talking

In the developed World, there are many things that we are good at, and somewhere close to the top of the pile must be our ability to make garbage. And all that garbage has to go somewhere.

Over 90% of garbage in North America is disposed of in sanitary landfills.

Environmentalists will tell you that landfills are dangerous, releasing potentially explosive methane gas into the atmosphere and toxic chemicals into the ground that poison our precious water supplies. The truth of the matter is that landfills are a generally very safe and secure way of disposing of garbage. A landfill:

  • is a single, specific location for garbage that can be easily managed and monitored
  • offers the opportunity for waste to be sorted and recyclable materials removed
  • can be monitored to filter organic waste that can be collected and used elsewhere
  • is sanitary because leachate collection systems are installed to protect groundwater

At the present time, there are no alternative cost-effective ways to dispose of the enormous amount of garbage we produce. And, short of letting it pile up in our homes or along our roadsides, landfills are a proven and reliable way to manage our trash.

PVC Plus Drilling Products specialize in products used in leachate and wastewater collection and management. As a leading supplier of PVC pipe and fittings, PVC Plus Drilling Products wholesales to North American and international distributors and consulting firms.

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