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Learning All You Can About Water Well Development

April 14, 2014

Learning All You Can About Water Well Development

A water well, by definition, is a deep shaft or hole set deep in the earth which serves the purpose of gaining water. A water well is also defined as a type of container which is designed for the holding and drawing of water. A pump performs the action of drawing water from the well, leading the water to the building or fixture(s) that will be dispensing the water in any way, shape, or form.

With water being a required staple in life, it has become necessary due to lifestyle changes over time, to be able to have access to water from the inside of our homes or other buildings. If you are currently at a point where you are preparing to drill a new well for a home, building, or other piece of property, there are some very important points you should be aware of, and PVC Plus Drilling Products would like to provide you with the highest quality equipment for the job. We would like to be the ones to not only make this task easier on you, but we want to be sure your job is done right, with the right parts.

1. First Ask Yourself, "Do I Need To Call In A Professional?"

Well drilling supplies can be costly to rent and even more costly to replace or repair, should an accident happen. An individual or small team with no previous experience should not attempt to do this job on their own by any means. The first thing you should do if you are in this situation is call a professional, and for the items you need for the job PVC Plus Drilling is waiting eagerly for your call. However, if you have the financial means to cover the expensive equipment needed, and you are not dealing with a foundation based on rock, you should be fully able to do the job yourself.

2. Determine the Purpose of the Water Well

Is the well going to be used with a residential property, in farming, or in some other aspect? Whatever the answer to the question, it is that answer that will take you from here.

3. Choose the Site of the Water Well

Where will the water be safest from contamination and other toxins? What kind of barnyards, animal farms, or nearby wells will this well reside near? These are all questions that need to be asked in order to have the job completed correctly. Use of a professional parts manufacturer such as PVC Plus is vital and will ensure answers to the most important questions that can be asked at this point.

4. Choose the Right Pump For the Water Well You Are Building

If the level of the water when it is standing still is less than 26 feet deep, a pump referred to as a "centrifugal" pump will be what you need to pump your water to the needed site. With water reaching a deeper level you should consider a submersible pump or deep well jet if you desire the proper pumping pressure. Monitoring well supplies will ensure you always have the proper parts you need.

5. Proceeding with Bore Construction

This can be done in a variety of ways, from jetting the pipe into position or drilling with an auger. Use of these tools is expensive, but will enable you to construct the bore in the manner you choose. If you are unable to take care of this yourself equipment-wise, or if you find you have a rock-based foundation, PVC Plus Drilling is perfectly prepared to take care of this type of situation, with just what you will need to get the job done right and in a timely fashion. With PVC Plus Drilling parts and equipment, and with the job done by licensed and insured professionals, you will find it to be done to the utmost level of satisfaction.

6. Seal Annular Space on Outer Pipe For Sanitation Purposes

Regardless of equipment you have access to, it is vital to have this process done correctly in order to ensure not only health and sanitation, but also to make sure you are meeting all legal requirements that relate to this aspect of the water well installation procedure.

7. Decontamination of Well, Installing of Pump, and Final Re-pump

Decontamination of the water well must take place using chlorine to complete the decontamination process. It will be at this point the pump installation will be completed, and one final re-pump will be conducted to ensure sanitation and thorough decontamination.

8. Maintenance

Remember: Seal the water well to ensure the cleanest, most sanitary water well conditions possible. Have this done professionally and with great care. This will ensure years of care free service, provided you have regular maintenance checks conducted, as well as any needed repairs as they occur, done by a professional service.

In conclusion, PVC Plus Drilling is the manufacturer you are looking for. Our staff is standing by to discuss your water well needs with you today, and assist you in finding exactly what you need, finding a solution that will best benefit you in the end.

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