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No Longer a Pipe Dream

August 22, 2012

No Longer a Pipe Dream

According to a report published by the Geological Survey of Canada in June 2011, "geothermal energy, as a renewable energy source, not only provides a clean and renewable option for electricity generation around the clock, but also efficient and competitive heating options for Canadians all over Canada."

Online news source Ground Water Canada goes on to summarize the report, saying that Canada has extraordinary resource potential when it comes to geothermal energy.
Geothermal sources could soon replace other energy-extraction methods, which are more invasive, costly and environmentally damaging.

More data still needs to be collected in order to make future projects low-risk and acceptable to industry investors. But geothermal piping companies across the world can attest to an existing market need for their products. There is excitement about geothermal energy brewing all across the world.

Bruce Ritchey, the CEO of Waterfurnace, an American geothermal heating system company, said the following: “Every state should invest in a geothermal incentive. I can't think of a faster, more cost effective, greener way to put people back to work, save fossil fuel, reduce carbon emissions and save homeowners thousands of dollars per year for the next 24 years. It's the stimulus that keeps on stimulating.” (Quoted in Lilith E-Zine).

PVC Plus Drilling began distributing and manufacturing environmental drilling products in March 2002. Residential and commercial interest in geothermal continues to grow and PVC Plus is pleased to be a part of the green movement.

Check out Ground Water Canada for more on Canada’s “enormous geothermal energy resources” at


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