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An Essential: Polymers and Control Agents in the Mining Industry

March 13, 2021

Polymer is one of the most important methodical materials of today. They mostly serve as construction supplies and are popular used in the mining and construction field. Natural polymer materials have been used by man since their inception. Natural polymeric materials are wood, paper, plant and animal fibers, natural rubber, natural resins, some silicate products. Synthetic polymeric materials are produced by chemical reactions, known as polymerization, from monomers obtained mainly from oil and natural gas.

Synthetic Resin with a Foam Effect

To stabilize the degraded rock mass underground when mining, the method of injecting polymeric synthetic resins with the effect of foam are increasingly used. 

Injecting polymer mixtures into wells or cracks and hardening them prevents the spread of deformations in-depth, which ensures the stability of damaged rock when creating an underground structure. To increase the stability of mining sites, fast-reacting phenolic resins are most often used to fill in cracks prevent their spread.

Silicate Non-Flammable Resins

Silicate non-flammable resins are used in coal mines and the construction of underground facilities in difficult working conditions. Stabilization and strengthening of weakened zones in these cases is done by a combination of drainage and injection of rapidly reactive foaming resins. 

New materials and technologies have made it possible to achieve very significant improvements in many areas of the mining and construction fields resulting in faster, safer, and more efficient work, as well as in the field of maintenance and rehabilitation of radar and construction facilities.

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