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Pump it up!

July 11, 2012

Whether you are a professional mining engineer or a homeowner (or both!), it can’t hurt to review the types of geothermal pumps available on the market. New products are constantly being developed so you’ll save time if you know the lay of this ever changing land. Although PVC Plus does offer custom manufacturing of geotechnical screen pipe and pump solutions, this geothermal pump boot camp for your brain will have you flexing those pipes again in no time!

PVC Plus offers a comprehensive range of environmental geothermal pumps. Here is a sampling of them, what they do, and why they’re special.

  • The Lever Pump

Made by Waterra, one of PVC Plus’s steadfast suppliers, the Lever Pump was designed to provide you with a convenient, portable mechanism. Tubing and handle combined, it weighs only 7 pounds! Easy to flex your pipes with this system and simply collect samples.

  • F&W 6’’ Submersible Pumps

These pumps are often customized, since they are available in a huge range: from 5 to 50 in horsepower. They’re for the heavyweights—best for commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications. Most excitingly, the F&W 6’’ series has new space age thermoplastic impellers, which are the rotating components in these pumps. They bring the energy from the motor to the fluid being pumped—in other words, they are the pumper uppers! And their cutting-edge level of workmanship determines a long-living and maximally efficient system.

  • Powerpump 2

The Powerpump 2 is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of pumps: It is the most powerful pump actuator manufactured by Waterra. A Honda G100, 2.5 horsepower, 4 stroke gasoline motor powers this device! This pump is the best choice for those with extreme pumping requirements. Fittingly, it takes two strong people (or one Terminator) to carry it!

Check out more PVC Plus geothermal pumps and you are guaranteed to find what you need, especially now that you know what you’re in for: premium pumps.

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