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PVC can fix the country's crumbling infrastructure

February 27, 2012

PVC can fix the country's crumbling infrastructure

At the time of writing this article, it was estimated that there had been 516 water-main breaks in North America during the preceding 15 or so hours. According to, there are 850 water main breaks in North America every day, costing over $50 billion dollars to repair.

The number one reason behind this epidemic? Corrosion, the visible sign of a crumbling infrastructure that requires billions upon billions of dollars just to repair and maintain—let alone upgrade to a better, more efficient system. When our city sewage and drinking water systems were first set up, cast iron was the pipe material of choice. Then ductile iron gradually replaced it. Both are susceptible to corrosion. And to add salt to the wound—literally—rock salt is still commonly used across Canada and northern U.S. states to clear roads of snow and ice in winter—further accelerating the corrosion of our sewage and drinking water systems.

What’s the answer? PVC

PVC pipe is now the predominant material used in waste-water applications, and it should be the natural choice for drinking water systems, too. PVC pipe is available in a variety of lengths, diameters and pressure classes.

Despite vocal protests that PVC is not safe, over 60 years of continuous testing has proved otherwise, with PVC meeting or exceeding all health and safety standards and regulations governed by the U.S. and Canadian Safe Drinking Water Acts, and other international statutes.

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