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PVC is going to be around for the longterm

October 15, 2012

PVC is going to be around for the longterm

Sometimes the rate that technology changes can be simply astonishing, no?

Remember music tape cassettes and video cassettes? Where are they now? Rendered obsolete by the CD and DVD, that’s where.

It’s not that the tape cassette was poor technology, it’s just that as technology in this field continued to advance, new products came on the market that were, faster, simpler...better. And the process never stops.

Since the advent of the USB flash drive, CD sales have plummeted by around 50% since their turn of the millennium peak.

Looking ahead, at the leading edge of technology in other areas, are we about to see the demise of the internal combustion engine—replaced by more efficient battery power?

Maybe, when technology reaches the point where electric cars can travel more than 150 kilometers without having to be recharged. In the meantime, great strides are being taken with existing gasoline and diesel engines to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Considering that PVC pipe production relies on fossil fuels, this is great news for the industry.

PVC pipe has been a game changer since it first arrived on the scene. Light, clean, durable and easy to work with, PVC pipe has transformed the World. From plumbing systems to the rejuvenation of municipal water supplies, PVC has become the ultimate pipe solution. In fact, the future looks bright for PVC pipe to be the number one pipe work solution for generations to come.

PVC Plus Drilling Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC pipe and PVC fittings for use in applications as diverse as mining, geothermal heating, landfill irrigation and municipal water supplies and sewage treatment and management.

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