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PVC pipe and water preservation

March 26, 2012

PVC pipe and water preservation

Right now, wars are being fought over oil. In the future, it's likely that wars will be fought over another precious yet dwindling resource...water. And when that happens, Canada will be a superpower. Canada is home to around 9% of the planet’s renewable water supply.

But unlike oil which, with a little effort and investment, can be replaced by another source of energy, nothing can replace water—we’re doomed without it.

We read all the time about ways to save water at home, but businesses have an equally important role to play in saving water. Industry, with just simple adjustments, can make a significant improvements in water management.

Check out the following three industries, and the simple strategies that will save water and help protect the planet's most valuable resource:

The hospitality industry:
If hotels, motels and restaurants install only reduced -low shower heads, taps and toilets, millions of liters of water will be saved every year.

The construction industry:
Simply by ensuring that workers clean gutters and other work areas with brooms instead of hosepipes will save significant amounts of water on construction sites across North America and beyond.

The manufacturing industry:
Manufacturing tends to be a thirsty industry. But by identifying ways that water can be used, recycled and used again in other processes, the industry can do much to reduce its water consumption.

Finally, everyone can make a difference by examining their water delivery systems, identifying and repairing leaks.

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