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Québec Companies Are Taking Advantage of Geothermal Energy

July 13, 2016

Québec Companies Are Taking Advantage of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a process which draws heat and the cold from the ground depending on the season in order to heat and cool your homes, providing a renewable energy. There are several advantages of a geothermal system, which is why many Québec companies use this solution.

Granby Zoo

Modernizing the Granby Zoo has significantly reduced the emission of greenhouse gases due to the integration of a geothermal system. Annual savings of $ 300,000 in energy is generated due to geothermal. "Over 40 years of life, this represents $12M!" says the former executive director of the zoo, Joanne Lalumiere.

Strom Spa

The Spa Strom is concerned about its environmental impact on society. Indeed, respect for nature is at the heart of the company's concerns. For this reason, geothermal energy is used to heat the water basins, reducing the ecological footprint of Strom Spa. This type of system requires little maintenance and maintenance-related costs are low compared to other types of systems.

ALT Hotel Montreal

The ATL Montreal Germain hotel group offers an innovative concept, "the unpretentious chic", combining modern design with eco-friendly features. Besides, the hotel Griffintown uses geothermal energy to heat and cool its property and to heat its domestic water.


The future Simons Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City, whose opening is scheduled for spring 2018, is proving to be a project of great magnitude. The shop, with an area of ​​80,000 square feet, pursues an objective "Net Zero" meaning that the energy produced and consumed will be equivalent. To achieve this goal, the company will use the school boards as well as geothermal energy.

In short, these companies are just a few examples of a long list that continues to grow. Also, be aware that financial assistance is available for projects like these.

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