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Raise Your Water Levels Revitalize your Water Well

October 30, 2013

Raise Your Water Levels Revitalize your Water Well
According to Stat Can’s statistics, 19% of the Canadian population is rural. Most of these rural families rely on their own wells to supply their water needs. If you factor in the huge number of small towns and communities that also rely on water wells; that bumps the number up considerably. Even large urban cities such as Montreal or Ottawa rely on water wells for a portion of their water supply.
So what can you do when faced with a water well that is performing poorly? Aging infrastructure and technology can become mineralized and clogged up over time. Water levels dropping or inconsistent?  There is one method that can be employed to try and salvage and revitalize your existing water well. It’s called hydrofracturing. Hydrofracturing can potentially bring your old water well back to life.
Using this technique is only an option for wells that are located in bedrock crossed through by the water well’s bore hole. It is also important to take into consideration your neighbours and their wells. It is possible to have a negative effect on other wells that are located closer than 20-30 meters. The costs involved in hydrofracturing must also be compared with the costs of drilling a new water well altogether.
For towns and villages, this is an excellent way to revitalize your town’s water supply when compared to the costs of replacing existing facilities and re-drilling a new well site. When considering hydrofracturing, keep in mind that it can provide excellent results for water wells that require larger yields.

Well drilling supplies and the right equipment.

Performing hydrofracturing will require specialized equipment and well drilling supplies. Make sure you go with a reputable company whose machinery and materials can deliver the high pressures required to properly fracture the bedrock. It is pretty standard to require between 500 and 2000 psi and even higher on exceptionally tough applications.
Take the local geology into consideration.
Hydrofracturing is best suited to certain types of soil structures. The best results will be found in sandstones, siltstones and similar types of bedrock structure. If your well site is located in a type not suited to hydrofracturing, contact a professional well drilling consultant or consider drilling a new well.
Proppants, polymers and well drilling supplies
When undertaking a project like hydrofracturing, using proppants is helpful. Proppants are used to keep fractures and cracks open in a well site. They are used widely in the oil & gas industry during gas well development projects. Proppants can be made up of a wide variety of materials including sand or small beads. They essentially become jammed inside the miniscule cracks underground and hold open the fissures.
Keep your well clean!
An important side note to point out: Make sure the water used in hydrofracturing is chlorinated! You don’t want to introduce any strange bacteria to your well site. Take water samples afterwards and flush the well fully after hydrofracturing.
If you’re looking for well drilling supplies or special equipment for a well drilling project, give us a call, we can supply you with high quality well drilling products at great prices. PVC Plus...for all your drilling needs.


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