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Renovate Your Property through the Rénoclimat Program

May 25, 2016

Renovate Your Property through the Rénoclimat Program

With the increasing environmental issues of global warming in conjunction with the rise in energy cost, it has become extremely necessary for homeowners to consider energy efficiency when renovating their properties.

Renoclimat is a government program that has been available since 2007 which encourages homeowners to take steps to improve the energy efficiency in their home’s.

About the Renoclimat program

The program is designed to help homeowners to manage their energy consumption more effectively. On average, the program has helped homeowners successfully save 20 percent on their heating costs after renovations were completed. Furthermore, be aware that financial assistance and tax credits are available.

Eligibility condition

The Renoclimat program is focused on reaching commercial and residential owners within the province of Quebec who are interested in renovating their homes and buildings for the sake of improving the energy efficiency of their home. Check out the eligibility criteria & steps to follow before registering!

Energy evaluation

The Renoclimat program is the only energy efficiency program available to homeowners in which an energy evaluation is conducted before and after the renovation process, ensuring that the energy efficiency of the home has improved.

It may also be interesting to use the service of an advisor for an energy evaluation before undertaking work to determine where air leaks are coming from.

In short, the Rénoclimat program contributes to the creation of an environmentally friendly property. In order to reach a Geothermal solution, some appliances and products may be needed made from biodegradable materials offered by Plastech Plus. We offer green alternatives.

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