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Residential septic systems get an unfair rap

November 09, 2012

Residential septic systems get an unfair rap

This is probably because everyone has heard a nightmare septic-system story—and there’s a definite ick factor associated with visuals of a flooded septic drainage field.

While it’s true that a septic system does have the potential to leak or flood, the truth is that a modern, properly installed and well maintained septic system will prove to be a trouble-free sewage system for a residential or commercial property for many, many years.

The problem with these septic horror stories is that they invariably originate from old and decaying systems that have been poorly maintained or not replaced when due.

The second law of thermodynamics suggests that the tendency for differences in temperature, pressure and chemical potential can combine in a physical entity and lead to the entropic dissolution of the physical entity itself.

In other words...everything is in a gradual state of decay and falling apart.

And that means municipal sewage systems are falling apart, too. And this, in fact, is a key point in the residential septic/municipal sewage discussion. Generally speaking, those who have septic systems installed will ensure that regular maintenance is kept up..after all the alternative may not be very pretty.

On the other hand, paying taxes to allow municipalities to take on the role of sewage maintenance may be hassle free, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. Unfortunately, all older municipalities in the developed world are faced with a crumbling infrastructure riddled with rotting and leaking iron and steel water and wastewater pipes.

Trillions of liters of water are wasted every year. Now that’s food for thought, no?

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