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Soil Contamination: Why Testing is Important

November 16, 2020

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When talking about contamination and pollution we usually associate it with air, for example smog. However, the problem of pollution is not solely confined to our skies. Soil contamination can be just as infamous, as it affects the general population. 

Soil pollution has already become a global threat, because the pollutants that are inside the earth became so high, they started harming our land biodiversity. There are two types of soil contamination, widespread and specific. 

Specific pollution occurs usually in small areas, such as old factory sites or landfills, and can be easily identified. Widespread contamination is more complex, as it can cover extensive areas, such as air-ground-water systems, and they can have several causes. Here’s a short list of some of the common threats that cause the pollution of soil.

Industrial waste 

Industries are notorious for polluting, as they release chemicals in both liquid and solid form, such as heavy metals and other natural and man-made chemical substances, into the environment.


Excessive clearing of trees leaves the ground exposed to new elements, which can then result in soil erosion. Deforestation leaves the land dry, causing it to become incapable of supporting vegetation.

Overuse of Fertilizers and Pesticides 

Because of the increased demand for food, a lot of farmers are forced to excessively use fertilizers and pesticides. These toxins kill useful microorganisms that help plants grow. 

Garbage Pollution 

Garbage that can’t be recycled or that are carelessly disposed of pollutes the soil, not to mention that some waste can take up to thousands of years to decompose.

Apart from human activity, soil pollution is worsened by other industrial branches. Mining, military, farming, waste disposal and construction all play a role in soil contamination. The consequences of such activities can harm not only our surface, but also the quality of everything we get from the ground. Here are some of the ways soil pollution can have a negative effect if not managed properly. 

Climate change 

Deforestation can cause changes in the rain cycle, contributing to global warming and damaging the ecosystems. It can also cause many areas to become unfertile.

Water and air pollution 

Pesticides can affect the quality of groundwater, while other soil pollutants can also affect the air by releasing CO2.

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