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Staying Safe on the Job

June 25, 2019

Staying Safe on the Job

Over 300 workers a year die because of injuries that involve the use of heavy equipment. Safety awareness on any construction site is essential to the workers’ well-being. There are countless types of accidents that can happen to a laborer not necessarily resulting in death but in severe short term or long-term injury. Having a standard of safety both in protocol and in physical protection will prevent many injuries and most importantly save lives.

At Plastech, our values are quality and dependability. It should not come as a surprise that the values we share are extended into the line of products we manufacture that promote safety on the work site. Here is a list of potential injuries that are involved with the use of heavy equipment. It is by no means exhaustive and any work site has the potential to be dangerous across the board.

Dangerous Noise Levels

While operating heavy machinery drillers are especially at risk of ear injury. The drill rig—which emits noise that comes from the compressor, engine and the cooling fan—can reach up to 105 decibels within a few meters from the motor. Human ears can be damaged at levels above 85 decibels.

Staying as far as possible from the source of noise should be common practice and wearing the proper ear protection can reduce the risk of injury to the ear. Try our Foam Earplugs for proper protection.

Hazardous Materials

Workers manipulating drill-muds or other related chemicals are at risk of multiple injuries. Any exposed skin will be severely burned if they do not have protective gear on.As most of the manipulating is done with the hands, the first line of defense is good Protective Gloves.

The eyes are also vulnerable in the event of a splash when handling hazardous materials. To guard from loss of vision it is imperative that Protective Glasses is worn and in case of emergencies a portable eye washer must always be within reach. 

Airborne Particles

The process of mixing chemicals to prepare drill muds can be dangerous if done in a non-ventilated area and without respiratory protection. Small dangerous particles can become airborne putting the worker at risk of damaging their respiratory system by breathing in the contaminated air.

The worker mixing dangerous chemicals must wear a Respiratory Mask in order to prevent these airborne particles from entering their lungs. The mask is equipped with a filter allowing the worker to breath in potentially harmful air as the particles are trapped on the outside and oxygen flows in.

If you need to re-stock on protective gear for your next field job, look no further! You can depend on us to supply quality protective gear so that everyone can stay safe on the job!

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