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Steel Well Screens and Risers—Geothermal Projects

May 02, 2013

Steel Well Screens and Risers—Geothermal Projects
Instead of burning fossil fuels, geothermal installations use heat from below the earth's crust. Water or vapor heated by pockets of magma and hot rocks is pumped to the surface via boreholes. This is then used to generate electricity or as a source of warmth for heating.
Specialist companies exist to furnish geothermal fittings to the installation team, along with the other materials and equipment they need to set up reliable sources of geothermal energy. PVC Plus is one company that offers a wide range of drilling fluids and geothermal fittings.
To ensure that a geothermal installation remains productive, the boreholes through which the warm water flows must remain stable. To keep them open and unblocked, they can be lined with well screens. Risers are fitted to allow water to flow freely from boreholes and on into the rest of the geothermal system.
Metal is often used to make well screens and risers, generally in the form of steel mesh. This kind of screen has some drawbacks, however; it is somewhat more expensive than other materials and in some cases can be prone to corrosion. To avoid problems with a geothermal collection system, it's important to choose materials that won't rust or deteriorate even after long periods of contact with flowing water.


One way to avoid this issue is to choose products that are made from high-quality stainless steel. Buying from a reputable supplier such as PVC Plus Drilling helps ensure that all the materials used are durable and reliable. We offer a range of products for geothermal drilling, including steel risers and well screens. Our stainless steel products feature a wire wrapped construction and are corrosion resistant. They are individually wrapped before being hot-water washed and then air-dried. PVC Plus risers and well screens are a cost-effective solution for well installations of less than one hundred feet in depth.


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