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Taking Job Safety Seriously

September 14, 2020

Plastech Plus, PVC Piping, Security Accessories

There were over 3 million workplace injuries recorded in 2014. Every 7 seconds, an employee gets injured on the job. Amongst the top causes of injuries, contact with objects and equipment and slips, trips, and falls make up over half.

Here at Plastech Plus, we have what you need to keep your workers safe throughout their busy day. Discover how you can start securing your employee's jobs today.

Protective Glasses

Over 1000 eye injuries happen daily on the job, 90% of which are preventable by wearing protective eyewear. Whether you work in the field or a lab, protective glasses are a must when it comes to preventing injuries.

Our protective glasses are designed for security and comfort, making wearing them for extended periods easier.


Masks have been used for many years to help prevent the cause of lung problems. Wearing a face covering stops harmful chemicals, particles and toxins from being breathed. Face masks are necessary to use in many different industries.

Our 3M Respirator Mask is perfect for several different jobs and is available in multiple models.

Protective Gloves

It is crucial to wear protective gloves when working with hazardous materials and chemicals. You should determine your gloves by the type of material you are handling.

We offer two types:

Our Protection Gloves are great for handling mild corrosive material.

Our Protection Nitrile Gloves are excellent for managing chemicals and infectious agents.


Earplugs are mostly used in the workplace to protect from extreme noise. Many workplace injuries include loss of hearing and tinnitus due to excessive noise. These injuries are easily preventable by wearing proper sound deflecting products, such as earplugs. There are many different varieties of earplugs, each suited for diverse industries.

Our Foam Earplugs are most efficient for blocking noise.

Providing a safe work environment is the best thing you can to protect your employees. Wondering where you can get all of these products? Contact us today for a quote.

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