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The answer lies beneath our feet

November 26, 2012

The answer lies beneath our feet

We might like to feel the sun and wind on our faces, but as far as using these forms of renewable energy to power our World, all is not so rosy—ask China.

Solar panel makers in China are offloading jobs and downgrading shipments as the industry struggles to turn a profit. And a big player in the wind turbine manufacturing industry (also based in China) is sending over 10% of it’s workforce on leave, citing an industry wide slump in sales.

Considering the high investment currently required to set up geothermal energy solutions, you would think that this renewable energy industry would be struggling, too. But in fact, right now the opposite is true.

In East Africa, the Kenya Electricity Generating Company is ramping up geothermal production and aims to reduce its current hydropower output by more than half in the next two years. One of the major reasons offered for this strategy is to get rid of the company’s reliance on the weather.

Once the high initial investment in a geothermal solution has been made up, upkeep is cheap and low maintenance,while the energy source is long lasting with a guaranteed output.

PVC Plus Drilling Products is a proud supporter of the geothermal industry, supplying PVC pipe and PVC fittings. PVC Plus Drilling Products exports World wide to an extensive network of North American distributors, consulting firms, industrial, residential and commercial clients.

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