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The Solution for Failing Infrastructure—HDPE Pipes

December 17, 2013

The Solution for Failing Infrastructure—HDPE Pipes
In the year 2005, the United States drinking water and wastewater systems’ rating was massively downgraded by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to a “D.” Needless to say, it’s not a big surprise to many people, especially people living in some of the older cities and neighbourhoods.
And just under ten years later, the picture is not improving, in fact, more than ever before, we are hearing and experiencing increasing problems with the infrastructure that makes our towns and cities function. Aging pipe systems are one of, if not the most, alarming concerns for municipalities and citizens alike. Take a look at these numbers:
  • In a recent survey taken from 46 areas, there was a reported average of about 16% water loss that could not be accounted for. Some jurisdictions actually reported numbers as high as 50%
  • For drinking water, there is an estimated 2.5 billion gallons lost each day in the US due to leakage
  • An estimated 48 million gallons lost each day, in every state from faulty and leaking water pipes and water pipe systems
  • Every year in the US, an average of 3.6 million water-related sicknesses are reported. The main culprit? Accidental contamination by sewage from over-taxed or failing pipes and systems.
  • A whopping price tag of over 36 million dollars each year in maintaining piping systems


Municipalities must take a proactive approach to these problems, rather than simply reacting when a problem arises. That of course, is balanced by the need to balance the books. What is really needed is a cost-effective and lasting solution to these aging and failing systems.
High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE or PE Pipe)
High-Density polyethylene pipe is made from ethylene; a derivative of natural gas or crude oil. HDPE is known for its amazing flexibility (especially when compared to alternative pipe products) strength, durability and the fact that it is corrosion and chemical resistant. These great characteristics are what make it so suitable for use underground, in a variety of application.
HDPE pipes can be used for drinking water, sewage and wastewater, chemicals, hazardous wastes and even compressed gases. HDPE pipes can last up to 100 years and the sleek and smooth lining provides much less friction than other types of pipes.
When HDPE pipe is installed, the joints are fused using a special heating tool which effectively seals the join and prevents the pipe from leaking. It is estimated that municipalities can save greatly by switching over to water and sewage systems that rely on HDPE pipe. That means cash savings in the long term operating budget projections, as well as a competitive initial cost.
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