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The Things We Carry Part 3

September 28, 2012

The Things We Carry Part 3

Spotlight on HDPE

This article is the third in a series that focuses on a particular product or brand that we carry. What is HDPE? Why does PVC Plus offer it? Why should you try it?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE):

  • made from petroleum
  • able to withstand very high temperatures
  • more opaque than Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • used in everything from hard hats to hula hoops

HDPE Pipe with PVC Plus:

  • HDPE Water Pressure Pipes: these can be connected by heating and joining the ends of the pipes together. This is especially useful in situations where digging is hard or impossible to do.
  • Pipes and coils: geothermal options using HDPE are highly reliable as well as unsusceptible to leakage. Black HDPE, for instance, is used for natural gas transmission, where it is essential that the leak rate is zero.

Why choose HDPE?

  • it’s long-lasting (approaching a 50 year lifespan in some cases)
  • it can carry compressed gases, oils, wastes (hazardous and non), slurries, drinkable water, and even cables.
  • it has excellent abrasion and damage resistance
  • its light weight makes it easy to install
  • its properties allow for butt welding (can be heated and seamlessly jointed together)

Please contact us at PVC Plus Drilling Products Inc. if you have any further questions about geothermal piping and HDPE. We are proud to use it and confident in its qualities.

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