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Tips And Tricks On How To Compost

April 04, 2017

Tips And Tricks On How To Compost

In the last few years, the effects of global warming have been a constant theme in the news. If we all decreased our carbon footprint then it could make a huge difference. There are many ways to become more eco-friendly, from using geothermal supplies in your home, to simply switching off lights and wasting less. Since some food waste is inevitable, why not try composting; It’s probably one of the easiest ways to help the environment.

What Is Composting?

Maybe you’re wondering what composting is, or you’ve heard of it but don’t know how it works. Composting is a method of creating a natural energy force from degradable organic materials. It can be created with leaves, and parts of plants as well as matter such as vegetables and fruit. It’s great for promoting plant growth since it contains vital nutrients, which will enrich your soil.

How To Compost

You can purchase a compost bin from many supermarkets. It’s best to keep it outside and away from pets. There are many things you can use to create your compost. Collect food waste from your kitchen such as vegetable peelings, eggshells and fruits. You can also add old or dying plants and leaves from your garden, which is a great excuse to rake the old leaves regularly. There are a few things you should avoid adding to your compost pile, such as leftover processed foods, pet faeces and grass.

Layering Is Key

The key to making compost is layering materials. Layer up to 8 inches of the brown matter, which consists of twigs and dead leaves. Then layer the same amount of green matter, which is made up of fruit, vegetable leftovers, eggshells and teabags. Make sure there is enough oxygen in your compost pile by turning it with a rake or fork every week. You can add some water to make the pile damp, but don’t flood your compost. It will be ready for use quicker if you monitor the temperature and make sure the centre of the pile is warm.

By using this method, your compost should be ready within a few months. When it's brown, crumbly and dry, you can add it to your soil. Creating compost is an efficient way to reduce your household waste and add extra nutrients to your soil, which will help your fruit and vegetables grow and even taste better. If you’re looking for more ways to make your home or workspace more efficient then Plastech Plus offers a variety of products. 

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