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Transition to Renewable Energies—the Debate Heats

August 23, 2013

Transition to Renewable Energies—the Debate Heats


The debate heats up


As the ever increasing quest for energy heats up worldwide, two filmmakers have joined the debate. Josh Fox, a liberal environmental activist and Phelim McAleer, a free-market conservative, have picked up two very different and opposing stances on the fracking debate. Apparently, the two don’t see eye to eye on this subject, and little else; especially each other.

Documenteries shine the light on both sides


The pair has created two documentaries: the sequel to Fox’s “Gasland,” which hit the air July 8, and McALeer’s “FrackNation” which took to the air the next night, July 9. Both films have very clear opinions about hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Fracking is a controversial system of well drilling that uses controversial drilling fluids. While experts from both sides of the fracking debate say each side has some good points, and legit facts; the filmmakers themselves hold to the claim that the other is distorting fact, or ignoring benefits.

Making the switch


Either way, with the incredible need to phase ourselves off of carbon-heavy energies and start switching to renewable energies, is not an instant solution. Barak Obama has backed the idea of using natural gas as a “bridge” fuel because it emits half the carbon dioxide that coal does.
So what do we switch to? Renewable energies abound, and all rely on harnessing natural and sustainable energy sources such as wind, sun, earth, and water power. The earth itself generates an incredible amount of energy, which can be safely and efficiently harnessed using geothermal technology. Geothermal supplies and technologies have come a long way in their quality; and their cost is comparable to other renewable alternatives.
Geothermal energy is on the rise in North America as home and business owners search for better energy alternatives. A geothermal system involves installing geothermal loops underground that capture the temperature of the earth; this is then pumped through a system filled with water to heat and cool buildings, depending on the seasons. A geothermal installation can be tailored to your specific needs and scaled up or down depending on the demands of each project. Using quality geothermal supplies will ensure that your project is not only efficient, but that it will require less maintenance and repair in the future.
PVC plus Drilling offers a full range of geothermal supplies and services. Call us today and find out how to get started on your geothermal project!


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