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Understanding Geothermal Energy

November 10, 2016

Understanding Geothermal Energy

The term “geothermal energy” might seem confusing when used in the wrong contexts. It’s possible that the heating and cooling of your home is generated by geothermal energy and it’s well recommended, but do you know where all this energy comes from? Geothermal energy actually refers to a clean source of renewable energy capable of supplying at a large scale. This is done primarily by accessing the natural heath produced by the Earth.

In its simplest form, geothermal energy should be viewed as heat generated by the earth explains the Hydro Quebec web site. At a large scale, the intensity of this heat increases progressively as the depth increases, so the deeper you go, the hotter it gets. Accessing this hot water and properly managing it requires highly reliable equipment, such as the equipment supplied by Plastech Plus Inc. This drilling company provides quality products that are dependable such as polymers, drill muds, ground sampling supplies and PVC pipes. You can get all these supplies quickly if you order now.

To give you an idea of how the heat increases with depth, on average, it will increase of 30 degrees per kilometre. What this means is that if three kilometres of the earth’s surface were removed, it would be hot enough to boil water on the surface of the planet. Fortunately, the earth has an exceptionally vast amount of thermal energy, which can be used to power steam turbines in power plants — creating clean sustainable energy.

All of this is important, because clean energy is so desperately needed to counter the damage that has been done to the eco-system by less cleaner methods. The creation of many clean energy solutions will allow everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.

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