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Warm up Your Home this Winter with Geothermal Energy

December 20, 2018

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To keep your loved ones cozy during the harsh winter season, you need to invest in a good heating system. There are a variety of systems available out there, but each has their pros and cons.

If you have been browsing for the best heating system, you may have already heard of geothermal energy. With its benefits clearly outnumbering the disadvantages, geothermal energy systems are indeed the best option available.

How does a geothermal energy system work?

To understand the various advantages of geothermal energy better, it is vital to know how it works. The temperature a few metres below the ground remains stable throughout the year. During the winter, a geothermal energy system transfers cool air from your home to the ground and returns warm air. During the summer, it transfers warm air from your home into the ground and returns cool air.

Geothermal accessories include 3 main components

Heat Pump

This is connected to the distribution system. In winter, it transmits heat from the ground to your house. During the summer, it transmits heat from your house to the ground.

Underground Loop

The geothermal loop system supplies and receives hot air. It can be either an open loop or a closed loop.

Distribution System

This may be a hot water system or a central forced-air system.

Why choose a geothermal energy system?

Among the many benefits, some of the prominent ones include the following.


Energy sources, such as fossil fuel, emit gas when they burn to provide energy. Whereas geothermal energy systems release zero emissions. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly energy sources. 

Lower Electricity Bills

Geothermal accessories such as heat pumps use 25% to 50% less energy than typical energy systems. This makes them highly efficient for both heating and cooling.

Flexible Design

The geothermal pipes and coils have a flexible hardware design. This makes it possible to install them even in areas with minimal space.

Less Maintenance Required

Geothermal accessories are placed in a shelter. Since they are not exposed directly to sun or snow, their lifespan is longer than conventional systems. The geothermal pipe and coils usually come with a warranty of between 25 to 50 years.

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Is a geothermal system too expensive?

It’s true that installing a complex geothermal pipe and coil system in a house is a tough job. As a result, it costs money. However, if you consider the benefits of this one-time expense, it is more of an investment. The money spent on installation would easily be recovered within 2 to 10 years through lower energy costs.

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