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What Is A Bentonite Plug Used For?

June 04, 2014

What Is A Bentonite Plug Used For

Bentonite plug is a type of material that occurs naturally, namely sodium bentonite. It’s essentially a type of absorbent clay. It can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water. And when it’s done so, it becomes a highly effective plug for a variety of different uses. Here are a few examples.

Oil Drill Holes

Bentonite is frequently used to plug up drill holes for oil. After all of the proper drilling fluids have been used for a particular hole, and after the oil is all mined out of the area that’s being drilled, it’s usually not a good idea to just leave the hole sitting in the earth. Even after the oil repository is dry, people may still need to operate in the general vicinity of the hole. In some cases the government actually mandates that companies have to plug up the holes that they make. But even if this isn’t the case, it’s just good form to seal up what you have opened previously. Otherwise, people could slip into the hole, or animals could be lost, or all manner of other problems could occur. Fortunately, Bentonite plugs are the perfect way to handle the situation to avoid any danger or inconvenience to anyone in the vicinity or the person that did the drilling.

Water Wells

Bentonite plugs are an essential component to well drilling supplies. Other supplies that are needed often include supplies such as a well screen, well depth equipment, and others. This is because if something goes wrong with the well drill, or if an old well needs to be sealed in order to make a new well work properly, a Bentonite plug is the perfect solution for making sure that all remains properly sealed.

Monitoring Wells

Another important aspect of making sure that all goes to plan with wells is monitoring them passively. If something does go poorly and a well begins leaking, then it’s important to have proper monitoring well supplies on hand, and here is where bentonite plugs can help as well. Not only is the material effective for sealing something completely tightly even under water, it actually uses water in order to function. But even more than that, Bentonite is non-toxic, which is obviously critical when it comes to plugging anything that’s going to be used for drinking water, such as a well.

Overall, it’s important to get Bentonite plugs from a trusted dealer such as PVC Plus. You need to make sure that you get high quality materials and not any kind of knock off, or any materials that have been treated with shortcuts to make them appear higher quality than they are. There’s also no point in paying more for the materials than is strictly necessary, which is why it’s wise to go with a trust company like PVC Plus.

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