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Why School Facility Managers Should Turn to Geothermal Energy?

September 20, 2016

Why School Facility Managers Should Turn to Geothermal Energy?

In this period of back to school, it seemed appropriate to inquire about the energy management in schools.

Benefits of proper energy management

Several advantages flow of good energy management in schools. Indeed, it is possible for schools concerned about their energy consumption to optimize their resources to avoid some unnecessary expenses. Adequate energy management is beneficial on several levels:

  • Significant reduction of energy costs, allowing thereby investing in equipment and school equipment;
  • Implementation of new curricula;
  • Improved physical comfort.

Ground source heat pumps

Several solutions are available to you in order to improve energy efficiency in your school. Due to their advantageous economic and environmental impact, heat pumps are used in the school sector. They allow a reduction in energy consumption amounting to over 35%. In summer, heat pumps extract the cold ground to air condition buildings while in winter it draws heat from the ground to heat.

In short, the school managers should definitely turn to geothermal energy for all the reasons listed above. We should also mention that adequate energy management helps protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which result from excessive power consumption.

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