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The benefits of PVC pipes

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The benefits of PVC pipes

The co founder of Greenpeace and a world renowned environmentalist and ecologist, Dr. Patrick Moore states that vinyl is the most multipurpose substance available. Vinyl is used in PVC pipes, siding and windows; not only is vinyl very versatile, it is also extremely durable and recyclable. Dr. Moore adds that PVC is the best product to make pipes as its smoothness allows water and other liquids to flow easily, resulting in less costs and energy consumption. [1]

Chlorine + ethylene = vinyl [2]
In the 1920s, the inventors of vinyl were certainly unaware to what point this plastic would become essential to our everyday lives.
Vinyl is fundamentally made up of chlorine and ethylene. Chlorine is derived from common salt and ethylene, from natural gas. This resourceful plastic material can be made into a rigid, flexible and even semi liquid product; it can be thick or thin, transparent or colourful.
Vinyl is the result of successive processing steps that alter hydrocarbon-based raw materials (e.g.: petroleum, natural gas or coal) into unique synthetic products that are known as polymers. The fact that chlorine is an inexpensive and accessible resource that originates from brine (a solution made up of salt and water) makes vinyl less expensive to manufacture than other entirely oil dependent polymers. In addition, chlorine has wonderful flame retardant properties that get passed on to vinyl end-products.

Vinyl plays a vital role in our daily life. From the PVC piping that is used to pump fresh water into our homes to the telephone that allows us to communicate. The physical nature of this product enables it to have infinite uses.

The high durability characteristic of PVC products allows to save on resources. PVC products will not disintegrate or rust and require very little maintenance. PVC pipe, also known as polyvinyl chloride pipe, accounts for more than 70% of newly installed water distribution systems and sanitary collection of waste water in Canada and the United States. [3] The ability of PVC to bend and flex without breaking makes it an ideal choice for piping as it is able to handle ground movements caused by unstable or shifting soils, as well as earthquakes.

PVC uses less energy to produce than many of its competing components and up to 20% less energy than other plastics. PVC’s primary raw material, which makes up nearly 60% of the vinyl, is derived from common salt, thereby saving on fossil fuels.

Vinyl is recyclable and all types of products can be remade into other products. Recycled vinyl can be reused into various products such as pipes, packaging, siding, traffic cones, etc.

Facts [4]

  • PVC pipe delivers water as clean and pure as it receives.
  • PVC pipes can handle external loads of up to 75,000 kg/m2 (roughly 40 meters of ground cover)
  • In the U.S. 2.2 trillion gallons of water are lost annually as a result of leaks from aging and corroded metal pipes.

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